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What is that ?

The European Hip Hop Exchange 22 is a project with a tri-national dimension implementing the collaboration between Romania, Germany and France.


Between May and October, the EHHE gathers 21 Romanian, German and French artists.


At each exchange, 3 teams of 7 artists from the 7 artistic disciplines of Hip Hop Culture will be formed: rap, beatbox, graffiti, dance, turntablism, beatmaking & photo/video.


They will produce together: audio tracks, show cases and interdisciplinary video clips.


Among the 21 artists in 2022, 7 of them are professionals who participated in the last online edition in 2020, who will be the mentors. The other 14 are amateur artists.

The artists rehearse together, produce, and present their creations to the public. One month before each phase, an online session takes place to create ideas and kick off the the productionprocess.

This year, the EHHE 22 takes place online and physically in three stages:

@ Bucharest (Romania) --> from May 25 to 29

@ Offenburg (Germany) --> July 13 to 17

@ 93 Paris (France) --> from September 29 to October 03


Preperation-Meetings, linguistic exchanges and creative work will begin online before each physical meeting and will continue throughout the duration of the project.

Our history

The European Hip Hop Exchange was born in 2018 with a first emerging project: the Paris <> Berlin - Hip Hop Exchange.


Gradually, our project was structured to offer exchanges on a larger scale and always centered on the discovery of Hip Hop culture across Europe, via the organization of international exchanges between enthusiasts.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it impossible to meet in person. So, In 2020, the European Hip Hop Exchange went digital with the European Hip Hop Lab .

This year, the project takes on a new dimension with the European Hip Hop Exchange 22 by adding a new stop to the program, in Bucharest, Romania.

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Our next events

L'album de l'European Hip Hop Exchange sera disponible prochainement...

Photo Gallery Saint-Denis (Paris) & Lille


General registrations closed since Sunday, April 24, 2022.

If you would like to be contacted for a future edition or simply follow the news of EHHE 22, go to the section  contact and  register your email address.


Artists 2022



Creative process

Step 1: Music production (before)

  1. Jam and brainstorm together.

  2. Find a topic, sample or melody;

  3. Exchange with the other artists and get valuable feedback.

  4. Build a track together.


Step 2: Rehearsal, live and audiovisual production (during)

  1. Add Graffiti and Dance and create an interdisciplinary artwork.

  2. Rehearse together and get ready for the live show.

  3. Produce Photo and Video-Material which represents your project.


Step 3: Protection and dissemination of works

Your work will be protected by Paraprod Music and released on all platforms.


Paraprod Music will take care of Radio rotation, synchronization, RS promotion, press relations...

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