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What is that ?

The European Hip Hop Lab is the European Hip Hop Exchange in digital version: a Hip Hop race against time that brings together 14 French and German artists around 7 disciplines: rap, beatbox, graffiti, dance, turntablism, beatmaking + photos /video.


14 artists, 7 French and 7 German, 50% women and 50% men, who pass the relay to create digitally and in 2 weeks 4 complete audiovisual works in collaboration. A Franco-German creative challenge at the crossroads of the disciplines of Hip Hop culture.  

The objective: to create 4 works in 14 days, 1 work per team of 7, in 7 days!

Each participant at 24:00 to devote to the final work.

Our history

The European Hip Hop Exchange was born in 2018 with a first emerging project: the Paris <> Berlin - Hip Hop Exchange.


Gradually, our project was structured to offer exchanges on a larger scale and always centered on the discovery of Hip Hop culture across Europe, via the organization of international exchanges between enthusiasts.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led us to reconsider international trade. In 2020, the European Hip Hop Exchange is going digital with the European Hip Hop Lab.


Want to participate?

Are you between 18 and 30 years old? Are you French or German?

Are you a rapper, graffiti artist, beatmaker, beatboxer, dancer or do you touch the turntables? Are you passionate about audiovisual capture and video editing?

Take part in the European Hip Hop Lab!

How to participate

Just send your application via the online form !  

Please note: candidates are expected to be able to provide professional quality audio and video recordings.


Selection modality 

A professional jury will select 14 candidates, 7 German and 7 French, 50% women, 50% men, 2 representatives per discipline.

Deliberations will be announced on November 25, 2020


In the program

In the absence of everyone being able to meet physically in 2020, this year we are innovating!   


2 rounds of creation:  


Drawn by lot, the 2 teams composed of each discipline create in collaboration a complete work: from beatmaking to rap, through turntablism, beatbox, dance, and graffiti and all music videos.


The 2 teams remix after a new draw for the creation of 2 new works!




Processus de création

Creation process

Step 1 :

Music production

  1. In cooperation or by drawing lots, one person brings the first stone (beatmaking or beatbox). She presents her production to the team.

  2. On this basis, the second person in charge of production presents his production to the team.

  3. Based on beatmaking+beatbox, turntablism adds its production

  4. Based on beatmaking+turntablism+beatbox, rap is added to the track.


Step 2: Audiovisual production

  1. On the basis of the musical production over the water and in cooperation with the person in charge of the photo-video for the capture, the person selected for the dance proposes a piece integrated into the final clip

  2. Based on the musical production and in cooperation with the person in charge of the video-photo for the capture, the person selected on the graffiti proposes an integrated production in the final clip

  3. The selected video editor produces the final clip.


Step 3:

Protection and dissemination of works and artists

The 4 works are protected and broadcast on the BandCamp platform 

Nos engagements

Our engagements


All participating artists are remunerated by artistic fee according to the National Collective Agreement for performing arts companies.


Accompany, protect and promote artists in the creation of works with Paraprod Music

Any profits from artistic production are donated to an associative body chosen collectively by the artists


band camp




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